SummerOfCode 2007 FAQ

(Actually, just a few questions ThomasWood had, which LucasRocha answered)

I have three or four applications for my project, how do I choose?

< lucusr> I would say you should combine student background + application quality

Two or three applications are very high quality, who decides?

< lucasr> thos, in the case of application which have clearly a menthor, I'd say that the menthor has final word

Can I mark more than one candidate as willing to mentor?

< lucasr> thos, hmmm, I think so, not sure... < gicmo> thos: I think its not a problem to mark more apps as willing to mentor < sandy|away> thos: yeah, I know I've been doing it, and I think I'm not the only one

Should we evaluate the applicants based on appropriateness for gnome?

e.g. if it's not relevent, I should mark it -1

< lucasr> thos, yes

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