Summer of Code 2007 Debrief

How we did it

  • Board requested Vincent to organize SoC
    • Everyone was busy, Vincent was assigned to make a call for fresh-new SoC admins
  • Two kickoff meetings
    • Meeting 1 (February 28)
      • Minutes

      • Lucas, Christian and Raphael volunteered as SoC admins
    • Meeting 2 (March 7)
      • Minutes

      • Infrastructure was discussed: separate repo? same repo with account to students?
      • Selection Committee idea officialy decided
  • February 22: SoC 2007 wiki page created
  • March 9: pool of ideas was announced and started
  • March 12: Behdad subscribed GNOME as SoC organization
  • March 19: call for members in Selection Committee (discussion among admins + list of invitations + mails sent)
  • March 14: triaging of the ideas (Rock Stars, Alternatives, Underground)
  • March 26: student application deadline
  • April 28: first welcome message to students (Read)

  • May 2: students progress reports were requested to be delivered each monday (notifications were sent to lagged students) (Read)

  • August 21: mentors were reminded about mid-term survey (Read)

  • Mid-term survey was completed during GUADEC
  • August 21: final reports were requested from students (Read)

  • August 21: mentors were reminded about final survey (Read)

The good

  • Weekly report and having Lucas to ping missing ones
  • A selection committee for choosing the projects
  • Comments from community about the submitted applications (Google accounts can be a barrier though)
  • Applications were better written and there was a better involvement from each student to clarify and improve their applications and to better define their goals to be achieved at the end of SoC
  • Sponsorship for students to attend GUADEC
  • GTK+ books for two students during GUADEC
  • Welcome messages to students and mentors

The bad

  • We weren't strict about missing or late reports.and that beat us at the end for one student+mentor
  • There was one case of an unknown/untrusted mentor (hard to contact and get feedback about student's progress)
  • We should encourage more mailing list posts to create an atmosphere of liveness during SoC
  • Require/suggest student-mentor communication on the relevant upstream project mailing list
  • Pool of ideas started too late. We didn't have enough quality ideas when student applications started
  • We were not reactive enough to applications: we should have commented earlier, saying "we want more details" (although we did better this year than last year)
  • We need more/better communication and summarizing at the end of the program
  • Certain things were done at the last minute (for instance, the mid-term and final surveys)


  • Many mentoring organizations ask applicants (or students during the bonding period) to provide a bug fix to show that they can find they way in the code.
  • Standard for applications with defined goals, deliverables, etc.
  • Define a quota for new ideas (not listed in the pool).
  • SoC as a yearlong project with the list of ideas being created from January. SoC doesn't need to be a Google SoC-only thing.
  • We should go over and send the students either "Congrats on finishing, now hang around #gnome-hackers" or "We're sorry... hang around #gnome-hackers".

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