This is the developer discussion page for the GStreamer Graphical Pipeline Editor app.

The original app was written in C and only worked with version 0.8.x of the GStreamer framework. It was decided that it would be preferable to re-write the app for 0.10.x using Python.

This work is being done as a Google Summer of Code project by BrendanHowell, mentored by EdwardHervey.


  • May - Completed spec. All modules/classes should have skeletons. UI should be designed. Experiment with GTK. Adjust milestones.
  • June - Code the core modules to handle creation and deletion of gstreamer objects.
  • July - Code the stuff to handle pipelines, graphs and playback. Hook up the UI. Get some kids to beta test.
  • Aug. - Bugs, Docs, Tutorials, Docs, Bugs, Docs

Components and Dependencies:


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