{i} This page aim to expose the current work on GnomeScan, helping developers and user to know what happen, what's needed, etc.



  • Only allow buttons (rotation, etc.)
  • No on-the-fly preview of the processing options
    • How to handle hardware/software processing ?




Application must be able to add prerequisite to scanner e.g. only black&white (fax app), provide a predefined set of papersize (ISO A* for word processor and photocopier, photo formats for photo manager, etc.), default resolution, etc.

TWAIN allow application to

  1. request value for an option
  2. limit available values for an option

In Flegita GIMP 0.6, we setted resolution default in GnomeScanSettings but :

  • There is no more GnomeScanSettings
  • It was limited to default value, unable to suggests papersize, etc.


Add preselections to job. Job takes care of applying preselection on nodes of the job.


  • Default value preselection is done.

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