Versioning Scheme

Since 2007 march 29, Gnome Scan use a number versionning similar to Gnome.

  • In X.Y.Z, X is the major version number, Y the minor version number, and Z the revision.
  • Odd Y mean development series
  • When Y is odd, Z below 90 means alpha, Z higher than 90 means beta.

Since 2008 february the 24th, Gnome Scan follow Gnome release schedule.


  • 0.6: Gnome Scan rewrite.
    • feature parity with 0.4 (done)

    • dynamic dialog building (done)

    • module system (done)

    • migrate to GeglBuffer (done)

    • file backend (done)

    • Dynamic processing pipeline based on Gegl (done)

    • settings auto store/load in GConf (done)

  • 0.8:

    • Slice GnomeScanDialog in order to ease the build of custom scan dialog : dialog with tabs, device selector, param group, param page, preview.

    • Rework param to be more gconf compliant (save to string, load from string) and less hackish (proper signal for changes, etc.)
    • Drop GnomeScanAcquisitionDialog to GnomeScanAquisitionWidget used for either preview acquisition or final aquisition

    • Investigate unpaper in Gegl
    • Investigate preliminary LibAccroc

    • Investigate hald-addon-scanner backend

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