Page for notes/bits on Google's Summer of Code

Important Info

  • join us in #sog!
  • due dates: September 1st, 2005

Participants, Projects, and Mentors

Participant (IRC nick)



Jon Manning (desplesda)

ChristianKellner (gicmo)

encrypted folder support

Raphael Slinckx (kikidonk)

JohanDahlin (jdahlin)

Shared music spaces

Sanford Armstrong (sandy)

Seth Nickell (seth)


Charles Schmidt

Colin Walters (walters)

daap server/rhythmbox daap support

Daniel Ramage

Owen Taylor (owen) / Seth Nickell (seth)

Command line tool

Danilo Segan (danilo)

Federico Mena Quintero (federico)


Frederico Oliveira

Federico Mena Quintero (federico)

Lorenzo Colitti

Owen Taylor (owen)

Improve GNOME startup time

Matt Jones

David "metal" Camp (campd)

Document revision control in nautilus

Adam McCullough (ashm)

Jonathan "rockstar" Blandford (jrb)

CamTrack visual face tracking

David Morrison

Bryan Clark + other (clarkbw)

GMail-style mail for evolution

Travis Vachon

Havoc Pennington (hp)

Panel applet bundles

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