Update April 2019: the GNOME organization was not accepted into the program.

GNOME is taking part in the Season of Docs. During the program, technical writers spend a few months working closely with an open source community.

Technical writers have the opportunity to gain experience contributing to open source projects, learning about open source and new technologies. Open source projects have the opportunity to engage the technical writing community, benefiting from the technical writers' expertise.


Each project idea below can be used as a basis for your own project proposal. The project ideas can be for developer documentation just as well as for user documentation. Check out Google's guidelines and suggestions for project ideas.

Please note this is a pilot program and the total maximum number of slots is 50. Depending on how many organizations apply, and the interest of the technical writers, we could get a small number of slots, or none.

Mentors: Add project ideas below only if there is somebody willing to mentor them.


a. Content audit and gap analysis for gnome-help.

Review all of gnome-help (part of gnome-user-docs). Identify information that is out of date or misleading. Review recent changes to GNOME to find areas where gnome-help is missing information. After the audit and gap analysis, there should be time for significant writing, but we don't expect the technical writer to close all issues identified.

b. Restructure gnome-help.

Revisit which information is presented to readers of gnome-help, and how it is presented. Identify what information people need the most and formulate a content strategy.

c. Update app help Review and update the help for a number of applications.

GTK documentation

Review and update the structure and content of the GTK API reference. The GTK API reference is made of two parts: one is the description of each function and type in the API; the other is more "narrative", and contains a generate description of each class; overview of complex, interdependent classes (e.g. GtkTreeView, GtkTreeModel, GtkCellArea; or GtkTextView and GtkTextBuffer); a short tutorial on how to write an application using GTK. The second part is the one in dire need of review and update.

Set up Pintail on

We would like to replace the current user documentation build system with Pintail. This involves working with our admins on deployment. It also involves a fair amount of documentation design and architecture. It does not involve significant programming, but some technical skills are required.

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