GNOME Outreach Program

This is the home for the new outreach program for GNOME. A mind blowing idea we had in Berlin.

Tasks from the meeting

  • Vinicius and Diego: create
    1. finish the text for the Outreach website (generic, not specific to a program)
    2. design the website
  • Marina: increase awareness of the Women Outreach program
    1. encourage Luciana and Tiffany to blog
    2. blog a really brief collection of summaries of the work done
  • Sílvia and Marina: draft a proposal for Ice Breaking Sessions
    1. propose a mechanic for the Old Farts Game
    2. propose times and dates (referential to GUADEC duration, not actual dates)
  • Vinicius / Diego / Marina: create a Lessons page to archive lessons learned
    1. decide on the location (likely here)
    2. gather info from the SoC team
  • Diego: sum up a handout for students and mentors
    1. gather feedback from mentors
    2. write down own perceptions
    3. deliver results as a list of items

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