This page contains all the information about the opportunities in GNOME for round 14 of Outreachy internships that will take place from May 30 through August 30, 2017. Please see the main program page for the general information about the program, such as timeline, background information, eligibility, requirements, and the application form.

For Participants


GNOME is an innovative free software desktop that is distributed with many free operating systems. It is design-driven and easy to use. GNOME has an exciting and motivated community of people working on projects they feel passionate about and a wide community of users. You can learn more about the latest going-ons in GNOME by reading Planet GNOME blog aggregator and GNOME news.

People involved with GNOME do various things for the project: software development, system administration, user interface design, graphic design, documentation, community management, marketing, identifying issues and reporting bugs, helping users, event organization, and translations. Many people work on the project as a hobby in their spare time and some are employed by companies, such as Canonical, Collabora, Endless, Google, IBM, Igalia, Intel, Mozilla, SUSE, Oracle, and Red Hat.

Newcomers is the main initiative in GNOME that provides information and support for anyone wanting to become a GNOME contributor. You will find a lot of useful information for starting to contribute to GNOME on its pages. It has a recently-updated list of newcomer-friendly coding projects and mentors for them and an older list of mentors, which includes mentors for non-coding projects too. You can get in touch with these mentors any time throughout the year for informal help getting started.

Contact Information

If you have GNOME-specific questions at any point during the application process, you are welcome to email them to or ask them on the #newcomers or #gnome-hackers IRC channels on . It's easy to connect to IRC, and you can learn all about the use of IRC in GNOME and the different applications you can use to connect. The information about project-specific IRC channels and mentors' IRC nicks and e-mails is available in the newcomer-friendly coding projects and all projects with mentors lists.

Choose a Project

Take a look at the project ideas for this round.

You need to contact a mentor for the project to find out what possible internship tasks it has or discuss a project idea. Once you decide which project you are most interested in working on, you need to make the required small contribution to it with the help of a mentor.

The following things can help you decide what project to choose:

  • Read the project's wiki page on the GNOME wiki

  • Lurk on the project's IRC channel

  • Especially if you are applying for a software development internship, build the code for the project and run it to check out its latest capabilities (the wiki usually has the instructions for doing this, but don't hesitate twice to ask the project's mentor or people on IRC for help if you encounter any problems)
  • Look at the open bugs for the project in the GNOME Bugzilla

  • Look at the recent changes in the project's Git repository

  • Read the recent discussion on the project's mailing list

  • Read the blogs of the project's mentor and other project contributors (you can learn who they are when looking at the Git repository)
  • Introduce yourself to the project's mentor and discuss what your tasks during the internship program would be

If you are applying for a coding, documentation project or any other project that will require you to create and attach your changes to a bug in GNOME Bugzilla, please go through the newcomers tutorial to learn how to do that.

Feel free to let us know if you would like to work on a project that is not listed in the ideas list and we will try to find a possible mentor for that project.

Previous Rounds

You can find the information about the previous rounds, including accepted participants and projects offered on the following pages:

For Mentors

Here is how you can be involved:

  • Learn Read GNOME's information for mentors and Outreachy's information for mentors. Both provide important information about the expectations and best practices for mentors.

  • Mentor an intern Add you idea for a project you can mentor an intern working on to the ideas page.

  • Mentor any time Add your project and yourself as a mentor to the newcomer-friendly coding projects or an all projects mentors lists. By listing yourself there, you are providing GNOME newcomers with a friendly contact for your project any time throughout the year!

  • Connect with other mentors E-mail if you have any questions about participating in the program as a mentor and to ask to be added to the mailing lists, which are private to the program's coordinators and mentors.

  • Ask coordinators Meg Ford, Karen Sandler, and Marina Zhurakhinskaya are the coordinators for the program in GNOME.

For Organizations and Companies

Please see the information for organizations and companies on the main Outreachy page. We would love to have more organizations join the program and more companies sponsor internships with GNOME and other organizations.

Please feel free to contact Meg Ford, Karen Sandler, and Marina Zhurakhinskaya with any questions.


This program and all offers related to it are void where prohibited or restricted by law or where operation of the program would violate any law or right. All participants in the program must agree to the terms and conditions of the program which will be provided to the selected applicants.

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