Mentor: Willie Walker and Eitan Isaacson

See bug 519359 to track this task.

The goal of this USD$6K/6mo task is to develop a clear accessibility test strategy/framework for GNOME and generate initial tests that use this strategy/framework. The main goal is to make sure the GNOME desktop as a whole provides compelling access via theming, keyboard access, assistive technologies, etc.

The testing should provide automated tests that help identify and prevent regressions as early as possible. These tests can consist of non-runtime tests such as GLADE file linting as well as runtime tests that check for accessibility hierarchy and accessibility event issues in running applications (e.g., perhaps new assertions or targets to add to LDTP/Dogtail/Strongwind).

In addition to this work, the leader of this needs to champion a culture of automated testing so that GNOME module maintainers understand the real benefit of maintaining and using a high-quality test library.

Deliverables include the following:

  • The testing strategy/framework
  • Identification/implementation of how this will fit into a "make check" target
  • Tests that show how to verify accessibility support works for theming, keyboard navigation, and compelling access via the assistive technology suite of GNOME (e.g., Orca, GOK, Dasher, MouseTweaks, etc.).

See also recent gnome-accessibility-list, desktop-devel-list, and GNOME Boston 2006 discussions on this topic.

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