Long-term Tasks

Accessibility Documentation for Users and Developers

  • Write and update highly relevant Accessibility documentation for users and developers.

Evince Accessibility

  • Improve Accessibility support (keyboard navigation, selections, focus, links and more) for Evince.


  • Enhance features and improve performance of Magnification support in GNOME.

Accessibility Testing

  • Develop a clear Accessibility test strategy/framework for GNOME.

Your Idea

  • Have a nice Accessibility project idea? Please let us know. The best idea will get the go ahead.

Short-term Tasks

Are you a developer who wants to become more familiar with accessibility? Are you an artist that can draw? Maybe you might also be interested in becoming a module maintainer some day. A great way to get started is by fixing bugs, and we're offering you a way to get paid to do it. :-)

Bug 519313 contains a list of bugs. Each bug represents a SHORT TERM task with a 2 week deadline. Do any 5 of these and you are eligible for a USD$1K prize. Keep an eye on the list by adding yourself to the CC list of bug 519313. We will be adding bugs over time, though our current budget only allows us to fund the completion of 30 short term tasks.

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