Nuno Araujo

* Email: <>
* IRC nick: russo79 (#gnome, #gnome-hackers mainly)

Long time GNOME user (since 1.4). Not a contributor to a specific project, I'm rather more a "scratch an itch" kind of developer.

Currently working mainly on the GnomeGoals/NotificationSource goal.
Also work on build fixes (specially automake 1.13 issues).
Why build issues? Because I use Arch Linux and usually am hit by incompatibility problems rather early.

Outside of GNOME itself, I maintain Gnome15, a suite of tools for the Logitech G series keyboards and headsets, including the G15, G19, G19s, G13, G930, G35, G510, G510s, G11, G110 and the Z-10 speakers aiming to provide the best integration possible with the Linux Desktop, including GNOME :)



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