• Reimplement all existing features in the new ui:
    • Lock/Unlock keyrings
    • Show/hide treeview columns
  • UI option (and support) for opening a new window.
  • Documentation, including a man page.
  • Clean and useful command line options.
  • Undo/Redo support for all actions.
  • GConf: have a seperate module for reading in the default values, then setting them on objects as they are created. Save the settings of the last existing window when g-k-m is closed. gnomebug:300279
  • Add a 'refresh' option to the View menu. This would repopulate both of the treeviews, as well as they key attributes and ACL
  • For the key type and locked/unlocked state of a keyring, subclass GtkCellRendererPixbuf, and override the activate function with a function that will emit a signal (similar to CellRendererToggle). This way, clicking on the image will let us cycle through key types, or lock and unlock the keyring.


Things are moved here when finished. We may wish to re-visit them at some point.

  • Display and manipulate key ACLs -- You can't add or delete them, but I don't know of any compelling reasons why you'd want to.
  • Make the create keyring dialog pretty (CalebGroom fixed this). gnomebug:300418

  • Key attribute display: how should this be handled?
    • The options:
      • For network keys, we could display the standard attributes in a pre-determined order.
      • Same with notes and generic secrets (which have no attributes)
      • should other attributes be shown at all? appened to the list in the main window? displayed in an additional dialog?
      • should there instead be another treeview with key/value pairs? (I don't really like this idea)
    • The current solution is hard-coded displays for the 3 types. No additional attributes are shown, nor can you add extra ones.
  • Clean up all compiler warnings.
  • Switch from using GnomeApp/BonoboDock to GtkWindow/GtkUIManager. gnomebug:300786

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