Nathan Willis

Email: <nwillis AT SPAMFREE glyphography DOT com>

IRC: n8 and/or n8willis

Rarely-updated blog:


Howdy. I'm currently a PhD candidate researching spacing/fitting automation in typeface design & typography, through the University of Reading in the UK.

Before that, I spent a good decade and change working as a free-software tech journalist, mostly for and for (the latter, in large part, when it was a news site run by the FOSS publishing conglomerate OSTG, although I wrote for the later Linux Foundation version, too). So that's probably where you think you've heard of me.

Other than that, I've helped organize a few FOSS conference in recent years. I co-founded Texas Linux Fest and I have been on the organizing crew for Libre Graphics Meeting for several years as well. I highly recommend you check out both.

In my copious remaining spare time, I contribute documentation to some font-related projects, I develop some free-software fonts and a teensy bit of related tooling, and I futz around with automotive hacking (also via free software).


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