Development plan for 2.29.x and beyond

These last few development cycles, mousetweaks has been mainly in maintenance mode, as the features it intended to provide had been implemented. However, the roadmap of mousetweaks nevertheless contains some points that have to be taken into consideration, especially since the switch to GNOME 3 brings some changes that directly affects mousetweaks.

The points on schedule for 2.29.x include:

  • Find a replacement for the dwell click applet and the pointer capture applet in the gnome-shell and Unity environments that do not anymore have the gnome-panel. Status: To do

  • Port gnome-panel applets to libpanel-applet3; it must not depend anymore on Bonobo. Status: Done

  • Replace the mouse accessibility tab with the Universal Access panel and add the dwell click options to it. Status: Partially done

  • Add some visual feedback for dwell-clicks in gesture mode. Status: To do

  • Port the mousetweaks manual to Mallard. Status: To do

  • Migrate from gconf to gsettings. Status: Done

  • Click type window: also offer vertical orientation and save last size and position. Status: Done

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