Mousetweaks' Module Proposal Informations


This page will try to present the necessary pieces of information in order to ease the decision makers work when reviewing Mousetweaks for inclusion into GNOME.

Does it meet the prerequisites ?

  • Mousetweaks uses GPL
  • It depends on technologies shipped with GNOME, particularly: libgconf2, libgtk2.0, libglade2, libpanel-applet2, libatspi, libdbus-glib-1, libgnome2, libgnomeui.
  • It is maintained by GerdKohlberger and me; and both of us would like to see it integrated into GNOME: see here

  • Some pre-versions have already been offered to the public:
  • We do not know it to infringe on any patent, but we do not have much knowledge about patents.

Steps being taken to get Mousetweaks into GNOME

  • The 25th September, I proposed Mousetweaks as a new a11y module for GNOME. At that time I was not yet listed as a maintainer of Mousetweaks, so GerdKohlberger officially added his support to the proposal.

  • Mousetweaks was presented on the 2007 a11y Summit in Boston and the group agreed to recommend it for inclusion after HIG review of the applets.

  • We added Mousetweaks to the 2.21.x Desktop module proposals.

  • Here is a successful build of mousetweaks in jhbuild; but that version of mousetweaks will undergo some modifications due to its partial integration into the gnome control center.

  • The complete integration of mousetweaks in the gnome control center has been considered with the maintainers of the gnome control center; but GerdKohlberger could not find a way to integrate the mousetweaks daemon into it. See message 0 and 6 of the bugzilla thread about the integration of the gui of mousetweaks into the gnome control center, which is being done with the cooperation of DenisWashington and JensGranseuer.

  • GerdKohlberger and I have got a GNOME SVN account and Gerd is currently taking steps to host the daemon and panel applets part of mousetweaks as a module named mousetweaks on the GNOME SVN.

  • In the meantime, the changes to mousetweaks for its integration into GNOME are taking place in the gnome branch on launchpad.


Please, do not hesitate to point us to steps that Gerd and I have forgotten or are doing wrong. We are new to this and will appropriate any help. Simply add your comments to this section: it is a wiki ;-)

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