Mirco "MacSlow" Müller

Greetings everybody! I'm Mirco "MacSlow" Müller your friendly flipping hacker from the neighbourhood. I currently study computer-science in Aachen (Germany) and stuff like OpenGL, GLSL, cairo, glitz, gstreamer, compiz, SVG and realtime computer-graphics in general make my brain tick. Aside from that I always like a good portion of capoeira and acrobatics. I am a native german and I am also fluent in english (written and spoken).

Contact details

Where to run into me online

  • #cairo (
  • #compiz-fusion (
  • #compiz-fusion-dev (
  • #gstreamer (
  • #nouveau (
  • #tango (
  • #ubuntu-desktop (
  • #ubuntu-devel (
  • #xorg-devel (
  • #clutter (
  • #gnome (
  • #gnome-hackers (
  • #gtk+ (
  • #rhythmbox (

Past/recent work

  • I take some responsibility for gnome-dock, which was cairo-dock a cairo/librsvg stress-test I wrote

  • I am writing and maintaining cairo-clock

  • I have written skydome and a few patches for compiz

  • my big gun lowfat, which is not released yet... patience

  • some more of my Linux-desktop-graphics research...

Future work

Here are the things that are constantly on my mind. Note: These tasks are not presented in any particular order.

  • move cairo-clock to the next level in terms of utilizing cairo and librsvg, making use of OpenGL (e.g. providing real 3D-objects as clocks), move cairo-clock to
  • once I find time to focus more on lowfat, let it live at and integrate it into nautilus and konqueror
  • help the cairo-project with hardware-shader support



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