Hello, Carbon unit! You are looking at Arthur2e5's home page. I am a Chinese student currently studying in a high school in CT, USA. I am also a member of https://aosc.io Core Team.

I mostly write hacky scripts in GNU bash, that shell scripting language. I can also interpret (most of) ECMAScript 6, ANSI C 2011 and some Vala.

For l10n stuffs, I am familiar with use most gettext utils including msghack, and I even wrote a msgtac. Since I cannot tolerate the old (and unfortunately current) l10n guide, I forked my own. This fork is actually used by many in Beijing LUG & Beijing GUG.

When it comes to personality, I am sometimes impatient and never wanted to repeat what I have said twice, especially when the recipient is simply reluctant to correct him/her/zerself. As a bottom line and some (though minimal) respect to CodeOfConduct, I only attack the wrong thing someone have done right on the point instead of attacking that person when I really get angry.

On other wikis, I am Wikipedian, sometimes active on en.wikisource and zh.wikipedia. I upload my SVGs created with Inkscape to WikiMedia, too.


0xAE23CE95222DBDA (https://keybase.io/Arthur2e5)

0x5C72D23685AB9E4 (School use only)

<arthur2e5 AT aosc DOT xyz>

about.me page


Alternative Code of Conduct Info

I only apply Code of Conduct to self-aware entities. Therefore, I won't attack people, but I may state that a specific part of one's thoughts, code, or any other kind of work is awful or simply [curse word]. Since Homo Sapiens Sapiens often consider such attacks to his/her/zer work personal, I am not signing this Code of Conduct.

Note that some phrases I use to describe someone the may be kinda exotically offending', e.g. occupying the pit but not discarding manure' (占着茅坑不拉屎). I will make sure that the person being described won't feel such exoticness given the frequency of the phrase appearing in the source language (and this person's native language) though.

Use case of that expression:

  • We'd better let such authority leaders step down and let them have a good rest, or how can we just stand there and let them 占着茅坑不拉屎? -- Deng Xiaoping (former Chinese statesman)


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