Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen

Blog: grillbar.org

Email: mikkel.kamstrup@gmail.com

Launchpad: launchpad.net/~kamstrup


  • DeskbarApplet, versatile and modular search application for the Gnome desktop

  • Xesam a fredesktop.org project for unifying desktop search and metadata services

  • xesam-glib GObject based library to interact with, and expose, Xesam services

  • xesam-tools A Python based toolkit for working with Xesam. Not meant for application development, mainly working with- and testing the Xesam spec

  • GDX Dynamic GLib Extensions, see also GProxy and GPlugin below

  • GtkHotkey Library for hotkey handling in Gtk+ applications

  • WinWrangler Small desktop daemon for performing advanced window manipulations

Personal Pages

GCollection Draft: A quick draft on some ideas for a generic GIterable and GCollection API for glib. The GCollection draft is still not public.

GPlugin Draft: The idea of GPlugin is to provide a flexible framework for loading plugins from various languages an interfaces (dbus).

GProxy Draft: GObjects already have dynamic properties and signals. A natural extension would be to add dynamic method invocation.

Gnome 3 Vision: On this page I will try to summarize the problems and concerns raised and outline a strategy of how to address them in a Gnome 3.0 project.

Shared Applet Server: This is a draft for my thoughts on a shared applet server for the Gnome desktop.

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