The Membership Committee receives applications from all over from GNOME contributors who should be part of the Foundation. The details regarding membership are at: The fun bit happens at the backend.

What you see

Once the form at is filled up by the applicant, the application goes into an RT Queue. The RT is at At this point you might just like to stop and read up a bit about RT - all the things you wanted to know about the RT but did not know where to read are collected here:

If you are part of the Membership Committee then you ought to have an RT login by now (if you don't then hop along to Sysadmin/RequestTracker) from the Sysadmin team. The members of the Sysadmin team also hover around on #sysadmin on (irc://

And what actually happens

This is the place where we describe how you move ahead and plunge into processing applications once you have a RT login and are all eager to begin.

The WorkFlow is as follows:

  • Login to RT via

  • Assign a ticket to yourself by clicking on Take thus ensuring that others also accidentally don't take the same ticket.

  • Read through the ticket - this is important since not all tickets are having complete information and it might be appropriate to respond accordingly to the ticket-at-hand.
  • Click on Open to begin working on the ticket.

  • Answer to the mail (by clicking on the "Comments" button) either by writing a response yourself or by grabbing a form letter from ../FormLetters.

  • Put the e-mail addressess whom you want to send the response to in the Cc: field with comma separation between the e-mail addresses. (contacts field in applicant's mail)

  • Send the response via the RT on its way.

Note: Till the time the application is Resolved it is suggested that you keep the ticket status as Open or Stalled wether the application should take too much time to be processed. (e.g contacts or applicant not answering mails for weeks)

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