As a GNOME Foundation Member you will receive the following benefits:

  1. vote on Board's Elections and Referenda.
  2. propose yourself as a candidate for the Board of Directors elections.
  3. a mail alias and access to GNOME's mail relay for sending out emails using your alias
  4. a blog hosted at

  5. participation to Planet GNOME.
  6. sponsorship and reimbursements for travels, conferences and hackfests.
  7. an account on the GNOME Cloud service.
  8. an account on (BigBlueButton; videoconferencing)

  9. an E-Rate discount at GANDI: domains and hosting provider.

Requesting the benefits

Please read the following guidelines to obtain the above benefits. mail alias

  1. Aliases are created automatically within 24 hours after your membership has been accepted.
  2. More details on how to properly set up your mail client and other misc information HERE.


  1. Wait for your alias to be generated
  2. Signup for a new blog at

Participation to Planet GNOME

  1. Read Planet's guidelines.

  2. Fill an issue against the's planet-web project in GitLab.

  3. Wait for the Planet editors to review your request and eventually include your blog.

Account on

Note: this service is currently restricted to GNOME-related material only, (i.e mockups, presentations or anything else related to the GNOME Project)

  1. Login at with your GNOME Account / UID

Sponsorship and reimbursements

All the relevant informations can be found at the Travel wiki page.

BigBlueButton account (

Foundation members can use for videoconferencing. Login at with your GNOME Account / UID.

GANDI discounts

Being a GNOME Foundation Member also grants you an E-Rate (up to 50% off on every service) discount at GANDI. More details about each type of discount is available on the announcement email here.

  1. Create a GANDI handle at If you have an existing account you can skip this step.

  2. Set your handles' prepaid account currency accordingly to the one in use in your country.

  3. Mail from your mail address indicating your GNOME Foundation membership status and GANDI handle (every GNOME Foundation Member with a GNOME account (i.e git) should have its alias enabled already, if you are unsure about the details or the alias is not working, please mail

  4. Wait for a positive reply. Your account should now have applied an E-Rate discount.

IRC Cloaks (Libera.Chat)

Foundation members may request an IRC cloak (on the Libera.Chat network) matching the following pattern gnome/foundation/nickname. For more details please see Libera.Chat's official documentation. on Matrix

Foundation members when logging in on Matrix using their email alias receive a address associated with their account in the form of:

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