Composition of the committee

The committee should be composed of 3-5 foundation members. One of the members of the committee should chair the committee.

A Board director should be invited to be the committee contact on the Board.

Chair of the committee

The chair of the committee isn't much more powerful, but s/he has more responsibilities.

The chair should make sure that everything works properly: applications are getting processed, elections are being planned and organized, etc. S/he should also make sure that the mailing lists administered by the committee are administered by at least one member.

When leaving the committee, the chair should propose another member of the committee as chair to the board.

Leaving the committee

It is the responsibility of each member of the committee to determine if s/he is no longer able (or if s/he no longer wants) to work for the committee. In such a case, the member should contact the chair before leaving the committee.

In the case where a member becomes not responsive (for example stops processing membership applications for several months) or doesn't follow the guidelines reported here the Chairman is responsible for removing the person from the list of appointed members prior to sending a notice of the rationale of the decision itself.


Discussions about committee work should happen as much as possible on the GNOME's Discourse. Please be aware archives are publicly available.


When members of the committee disagree on a decision, an informal vote should occur. If 2/3 of the committee agree on one solution, then this solution should be chosen. Note that the vote of the committee chair can count as two votes if there is no majority.

Outside help

The committee should not do all the Foundation work. It should request help on foundation-list when necessary. All extra work that is not explicitly one of the committee roles should, if possible, be delegated to other members of the Foundation.

Some people outside the committee also try to make some of our procedures better. Their help is always welcome.

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