Processing a renewal request

Note: this page has been created to describe the procedure for renewing memberships. People wanting to renew their membership should not use this document, but the application form instead.

Latest policy changes: 24-10-2011's Meeting, references can be found at the following URL.

Renewal policy:

  • Log in to the Account Management System.

  • Search for the applicant's user page by using the search box on the left side.
  • Evaluate the application in the same way you'd evaluate a regular application for full membership.
  • If contributions are enough to renew the membership:
    • Update the Last Renewed on date by entering today's date in the form of YYYY-MM-DD. User will be automatically emailed about the renewal.

    • Add the user into the foundation group (a script removes old members from the group automatically daily)

    • Leave a note on the RT ticket saying the renewal was accepted. Mark the ticket as resolved.
  • If contributions are NOT enough to renew the membership:
    • Feel free to ask for contacts or more details are you would with a regular application.
    • If that doesn't help, reply to the user using the template Renewal denied.

Note: If you're still unsure about the renewal after asking for more details, ping another member of the committee on IRC (#membership) for an extra pair of eyes. The application should be approved by two members in cases like this.

Important Notes:

  • Go ahead and approve a renewal if applicant's contributions over the last two years are *evident* and *clear*. if you have one single doubt please consult another member of the committee.

  • Require the applicant to send a completely filed (renewal) form with all the needed details about their contributions and work over the past two years. Their application should read as a regular application.
  • The (with the --remove-expired-foundation-members flag) script will automatically send out renewal reminders every month by checking LDAP and LastRenewedOn fields.

  • Renewals are not a formality.

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