This area contains documentation about and for the Membership & Elections Committee. However, this data is old and for archival purposes we need to move it to a different page

  • /Roles: explanation of the various roles of the committee

  • /HowWeWork: organization of the committee

  • /MembershipGuidelines: guidelines explaining how we should decide on memberships

  • /MembershipManagementSystem: documentation about Membership Management System running on mango

  • /RT3: documentation about RT3 tracking system of Membership Committee (initial draft by Sankarshan)

  • /ProcessingApplicationsAgain: steps to do when processing an application (a complete run down of the system as currently practised)

  • /FormLetters: some form letters we use when processing applications

  • /ElectionsHowTo: how to organize elections & referenda

  • /ToDo: our todo list

  • /OutstandingIssues: a short round-up of the issues before the Membership Committee

  • /ProcessingApplications (obsolete): steps to do when processing an application (the earlier system). This system has since been modified

Current members of the committee are:

Status of the Foundation Membership queue:

We have a mailing list for discussion and as a point of contact for people:

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