GNOME Foundation Membership Application Tips

The GNOME Foundation Membership Committee processes the application based on the responses provided by the Contacts. In order to ensure that the turnaround time for your application is shorter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do take time to provide complete contact details including a current (and active) e-mail address. Please remember that at least two contacts are mandatory for an application to be accepted. No contacts applications will be automatically rejected.
  • Before submitting the application you might want to talk with the proposed contacts thus alerting them of a mail from the GNOME Foundation Membership Committee.
  • List your contributions to GNOME in detail (Hint: Nothing is too much or too trivial)
  • Please provide a valid, active and permanent e-mail address which would be entered into the GNOME Foundation Membership Database should your application be favorably considered.
  • Tell us how long you have been involved in the project.

For any question about your application, you can use mailing list. You can check status of your application using status queue.

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