Membership Committee Accesses list

Note: This page contains some informations about which kind of accesses should be set up and available for every Membership Committee when joining. Therefore this wiki page does not contain any relevant information for non-membership-committee members.

Please check that the items list below are all available you as a New Member of the Membership & Elections Committee when joining:

  • an account on the Accounts Management system and access to the memctte group.

  • an account for RT, the GNOME Membership Application Processing System. (please have a look at MembershipCommittee/RT before starting processing any request)

  • Mailing List subscription on the membership-committee mailing lists.
  • IRC client configured to be on #membership (

If you do not have access to the Accounts Management system or RT, please write an e-mail to <accounts AT gnome DOT org>.

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