Matthew Paul Thomas


E-mail: mpt at myrealbox dot com
IRC: mpt on Freenode and GimpNet
Jabber: mpt at jabber dot org dot nz

I’m an interaction designer, currently working for Canonical. As a generalist, I’m equally happy reorganizing dialogs, designing new programs, writing help text, or describing how to design the perfect theme.

Feel free to contact me with a thorny design problem, or for help with designing a new program. But in either case, please don’t be annoyed if I recommend that your program be merged with another. ;-)

I would be particularly delighted if anyone contacted me wanting to:

  • make the accessibility preferences easier to use
  • redesign the “Take Screenshot” window
  • implement an amazing address book
  • implement a usable e-mail client
  • fix long-standing usability bugs in GTK+
  • abolish the “Save” command from their program
  • implement an awesome printing system
  • combine “Undo”, “Revert”, and “Restore from Backup” into a single interface.

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