Renaming a project

  • Rename wiki pages with redirections.
  • If the project is an application, add the old *.desktop file name in the AppData to not loose reviews and ratings in gnome-software, see this blog post. This is done with <provides> and <id> tags (in 2017 at least).

  • Etc.

Outdated, needs to be adapted for GitLab

  • Git repository:
    • Create a new repository on with the new name, see Git/NewRepository (for the new repo, keep a common history with the old repo of course).

    • Ask on bugzilla to redirect the old git repo to the new repo, and to archive the old repo. Example for Gtef -> Tepl: bugzilla ticket, old repo archived, new repo.

  • Rename the bugzilla product, it can be done by going to the “Edit this product” link.

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