Luis Menina

Email: liberforce (AT) freeside (DOT) fr


Some personal information:

  • 39 years old
  • Live in France, near Paris
  • Former Windows/MFC developer that discovered the free-software world in my 20's
  • Using Mageia (and previously Mandrake/Mandriva Linux since mid-2003), and quite happy with it.

Stuff I use to work on:

  • Helper on GTK+-related topics on stackoverflow (stackoverflow profile)

  • Helper and moderator on the GTK+ section of (French forum)

  • (Ghost) secretary of the GNOME-FR association (since 2011)
  • Translator (into French), mostly for some GNOME release notes
  • Metrognome, a metronome app where I try to use best practices of GTK+ applications programming (continuous integration, cross-platform, using a modern build system like meson)

  • (Small) code contributor (openhub profile)


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