Luis Medinas

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I'm a long time GNOME user and i'm a Brasero Co-Maintainer and contributor for other projects such as muine and beagle. I'm also a member of the BugSquad and help on other GNOME projects. In the past i was a Gentoo Developer involved in the Gentoo Gnome Team, maintained misc applications for Gnome project until Nov 2007. Now i'm part of the openSUSE GNOME team and try to stick much more involved in GNOME as possible.
I used to work at Caixa Mágica Software around the distro and smartcards.
I was born and lived in Portugal but i recently joined Robert Bosch Car Multimedia in Germany.

In my personal life i hold a Master degree Physics Engineering from, i love music, cars, bikes, physics and lot's of other things.

Gnome specific projects:
* Brasero maintainer
* Zenity maintainer
* Muine Contributor
* Bugsquad
* Patchsquad

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