Luca Padovani


Email: <lpadovan AT SPAMFREE cs DOT unibo DOT it>

  • developer and maintainer of GtkMathView, a GTK+ widget for displaying MathML formulas

  • developer and maintainer of the AbiMathView plugin for AbiWord, to embed MathML formulas within AbiWord documents

  • developer and maintainer of Gdome2, the GNOME DOM engine

  • developer and maintainer of GMetaDOM, providing C++ and OCaml bindings for Gdome2

Other software

  • Carbon, a GCC-friendly compiler for functional languages

  • PiDuce, a distributed implementation of the asynchronous π-calculus with XML datatypes, pattern matching, and join patterns

  • PET, a Path Expression Templates C++ library

  • yForth?, a small and portable Forth interpreter written in ANSI C

  • MathML, the Mathematical Markup Language


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