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Honestly, I'm shocked and excited about this wiki.

I've complained for a long time that GNOME process and GNOME development seemed mysterious and impenetrable from the outside. The web page was static. Participation on Footnotes was limited to commenting. Planet GNOME was closed to anyone but insiders. Mailing lists are a pain.

I have wished for something like this wiki for a long time. It definitely feels much more open.

Now I feel like getting involved.

I'm a coder, but I'm thinking about working with the MarketingTeam at first. Particularly, because I've felt burned so much of the time, and now I feel that I've been actually invited to do something about it.

Are there any Seattle GNOME enthusiasts or developers? I'd definitely like to collect Seattle, or even Seattle+Portland GNOME energy, and see if we can't meet to form a group.

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