Hey, I'm pretty new to Gnome overall, so I'd rather that I had something worthwhile to say about my code than something stupid to say about me, so feel free to track my progress with CIA. I do most of my work for beagle, a nifty desktop search engine with pretty tight integration with gnome. I really spend most of my time with the newer OO languages that tend to be managed. (aka C# (via mono), Java, and Python). Kevin is also a loose member of the Gnome Bugsquad, and an active moderator of the Gnome mailing lists as a part of the ModeratorTeam.

O yeah, I'm now a member of the foundation officialy.

Personal Info:


  • Kevin _AT_ kubasik.net
  • kevin.kubasik _AT_ case _DOT_ edu
  • and my Gnome Alias is kkubasik-cvs.gnome.org


  • qub333


  • kkubasik


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