Juanjo is a Software and Computer Engineer. He gained his CS bachelor at the University of Granada. His professional experience is focused on Public Administration, where he has worked as IT technician and as system and database administrator. Currently he works as System Administrator / Branch IT Manager for the Junta de AndalucĂ­a in the Culture and Sports Department in Cadiz

Apart from his professional experience, he is a Free Software advocate and he participates in FLOSS activities, with focus on the GNOME project. Also, he broadened his academic training on this issue with the Master of Free Software at the UOC.

BTW, he is me ;)


  • My blog: http://jjmarin.blogspot.com/

  • Email: <jjmarin AT SPAMFREE gnome DOT org>

  • identi.ca: jjmarin

  • jjmarin on GIMPNet IRC (#evince, #gnome-hispano, #engagement, #a11y)

I'm working on

  • Evince
  • A11y

Some crazy ideas

  • Not documented by now

Other pages

  • Maybe in the future :)


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