Jonh Wendell

About me

I'm a Brazilian software developer. I was born in Maceió, Alagoas, Brasil. Maceió is known as Water Paradise, because its wonderful beaches and lagoons. Now I live in São Paulo.

I am married and have two beautiful children. I work for Red Hat.

Open Source

I started using Linux in 1997 at School. One year later, i was responsible for an local ISP, by migrating its servers to Linux. My love for Linux and Open Source softwares has grew up from that epoch.


I met GNOME with Debian [in my previous distros i used KDE] ,about 2004. I really appreciate the wonderful of GNOME.
Now i have finished my graduating course, i've got enough time to contribute with this amazing project. I'm still beginning, learning with GNOME hackers.

I've contributed with:

  • Vino
  • Vinagre
  • Translating GNOME into Brazilian Portuguese
  • Spreading GNOME in various places in Brazil



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