Conduit GUI Discussions

Temporary page to hold results of Codethink Sync UI banter.

  • A dataprovider is a datatype specific object that provides and consumes data (E.g. Windows Mobile Contacts)
  • A resource is a group of dataproviders (E.g. a Windows Mobile Device)

None of these ideas are perfect standalone, and we believe a combination of them is needed.

There is no UI

  • Each application talks to the Conduit dbus daemon
  • Provide a libconduit-gtk for widgets?


  • Will stall us in the short term, and could be problematic as maintainers will be reluctant to use things that arent official.

Pair-Centric UI

  • We have a local machine (the authority)
  • We have multiple remote endpoints (phones, interwebs)
  • UI is based on authorise Conduit to synchronise between these - like bluetooth pairing
  • Web endpoints could be considered an extension of this

Pile-Centric UI

  • Basically, you throw everything you want to sync in a big messy pile and wait for Conduit to sync it.

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