Johannes Hölzl

Email: <johannes DOT hoelzl AT SPAMFREE gmx DOT de>


  • add also GOption support for pygtk, gnome-python (to reach the GnomeGoals:/InterWiki)

  • gnomebug:342948 (Support exceptions in gobject.Option)


  • gnomebug:163645 (GOption support for pygobject)

C Declaration Parser

A project I'm working on which is related to GNOME is the C Declaration Parser. The goals are:

  • Parse C header files
  • Parse the documentation which is associated with the function, struct, union, enum and types in this header files (optional)
  • Parse additional annotation (like inout for parameters, polymorphic type informations to GList, etc..)

And later generate language bindings for c libraries.


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