I'm a member of the DocumentationProject, and now the GnomeWeb team.

For 2.14 I was mostly working on the User Guide. For 2.16 also the gedit manual. Now... a bit of everything!

I can be contacted:

  • on IRC, in #docs, but I am only on if I am currently doing GNOME work (and therefore I'll be in the middle of three things at once)
  • leave a note on this page
  • for documentation things, via the docs mailing list

I run Ubuntu (and also Windows 2000 and OS X). I'm not keen on the command line. In particular, things like vi and emacs that are arcane and incomprehensible.

My workflow these days is:

  • gedit. My discovery of the Snippets plugin has blown bluefish away.
  • meld. This gives me very easy and pain-free access to cvs/svn, has a fantastically useful diff view, but has a few weird interface concepts.
  • a super script BrentSmith made me to run docbook files through lint without the command line, which you can find on DocumentationProject/FirstPatch (but bug gnomebug:320215 causes problems)

My other interests:

  • Usability
  • Making GNOME more consistent -- making it feel like a coherent desktop.
  • the gnome website
  • ProjectMallard

  • Forking GIMP. Because its interface is criminal. All I have so far is a name: Wilberforce.

To Do

  • badger the relevant people to get a decent default mouse pointer theme into gnome
    • I have no idea who the relevant people are
  • xchat-gnome docs -- but I need info about getting a bzr branch back into SVN, otherwise there's not much point
  • look at EOG docs for freshness & updates since 2.16

  • sudoku & glchess docs, unless anyone else takes them (PLEASE!)

  • gdu templates
  • look at

> > > desktop/gnome/applications/main-menu/uninstall_package_command > > > desktop/gnome/applications/main-menu/upgrade_package_command


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