Oh hi~!

People usually call me Jeff (international shortened version of "Jean-François").

I'm a member of the GNOME foundation. Since 2004 I've been involved in various projects, either as a designer, tester, manager, occasional hacker, etc. But in "real life", I'm a "strategic marketing + business development + finance" kind of guy.

Since I'll probably forget to keep this wiki page updated, see:

Contact My primary email address is nekohayo at gmail dot com, but you can find more contact info on the "contact" sections of my websites.

I'm known as "nekohayo" on IRC Matrix (and elsewhere). I hang around on:

  • #pitivi on Matrix, which I was previously a co-maintainer of
  • #gnome-hackers on / GNOME Matrix
  • #gtg on for the GTG project I manage

  • Various other GNOME application Matrix channels, such as GNOME Calendar, Nautilus, Evolution, Epiphany

Note that since 2016 I only connect and catch up on chat messages roughly once per week or two (this information is accurate as of 2021), so email is sometimes (often?) a faster way to reach me depending on the complexity and urgency of the topic you want to discuss.


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