Jay Forrest

Hello, my name is Jay Forrest. I am the host of the Linux User Podcast. I have been a tech guy since I built my first 486 in the 90’s. I used to work tech support for America Online and Earthlink (I am a Pharmacy Technician currently). I have done web design for a number of businesses and non-profit organizations. (For the more technical, I know HTML, Javascript, CSS, Php, and just beginning Python. I am also working on my A+ Certification).

My conversion to Linux came as a result of a virus I got on my Windows XP system. I got this even though I was running with the Windows firewall on, auto updates on, and with McAfee anti-virus. I was just so frustrated that I installed Ubuntu, wiping out my Windows XP system. I have never regretted it. That was in 2008.

Since that time I have played with a number of other Linux distributions and have Fedora 11 on one of my computers. I even managed to replace my Mom and Dad’s Windows with Linux. I think that Linux has finally come of age. It is with this conviction that I want to get the word out. It is not just that Linux is free, it is that Linus is better. It is better because it is more secure and stable. But even beyond that, Linux is better because it is free and open. By free I mean that Linux doesn’t cost you any money. And by saying it is open I mean that you can actually look at the source code. This is important because it allows others to improve it. It also eliminates a program from spying on you.

From this passion for Linux, I conceived of creating a podcast that focused on the new Linux user, and the person who would be interested in becoming a new Linux user. I don’t have all the answers, but I do know some resources that can point a person in the right direction. I also try to keep up to date on the latest technology news.

So the Linux User Podcast is designed to be a weekly audio show for the beginning Linux user in non-technical language. Having done tech support I know that most people don’t speak geek. So I aim to explain the terms that many tech shows just throw around. Let me know if I fail to keep it simple. And any tech guys listening please remember I am trying to speak to the non-geek.

And on a more personal note. My background is actually not in computers. Computers have been more of a hobby, except for my time at AOL and Earthlink. My education is in Christian ministry, and I pastored a number of churches in the past decade. So the podcast with be family friendly.




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