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Accommodation: university dormitory


Civitas Residence is the students dormitory of the University of Almería. It is a brand new building opened in 2016, modern, not far the downtown neither the beach with clean rooms, WiFi service, cafeteria, meeting rooms and a yard able to hold a party.

As summer is low season for the dormitory it could host most, and probably all, conference attendees, considering between 150 and 200 persons. Here is a demo video.

Civitas is about 10-15' minutes walking from downtown and the central bus and railway station («estación intermodal»). From the local airport there is a direct bus stopping in this central station (1,05€).

Booking would be managed by email by the dormitory service.

Room options

Single room:
32.75 € per night, breakfast included
42.10 € per night, breakfast and evening dinner included


Twin room:
46.75 € per night, breakfast included
56.10 € per night, breakfast and evening dinner included



These prices are approximated for this year. The final prices for 2018 should be agreed with Civitas before the conference, of course.

Common rooms

  • http://www.residenciacivitas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Abierto-Plazo-de-Inscripción-Curso-2017-2018-PORTADA-BLOG-1.jpg

Each floor has a common room we can reserve for GUADEC where our guests could relax and meet, chat, hack or whatever.

Eating at Civitas

Obviously lunch is expected to be done at venue. Dinner at dormitory can be an option if people not prefer to make the dinner eating «tapas» along the city bars. Breakfast could be done here too or can be done as a coffee break in campus.


Other accommodation options

There is a separate entry for other lodging alternatives.

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