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   1                      PRIMARY selection handling for Wayland
   2                        Lyude <> 2015
   3                               Sponsered by Red Hat
   4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   5                                 --- Synopsis ---
   6   In order for the transition from X to Wayland to be easy for users, we have to
   7 account for some of the smaller features of X that people will forever cling to.
   8 One of these features is middle click pasting, where one application can have a
   9 body of text selected, and that text will be pasted to another application by
  10 clicking the middle mouse button as long as the text remains selected. This is a
  11 port of that functionality for Wayland.
  13   The protocol adds a single global object called primary_selection_manager.
  14 This singleton object provides notifications for when there's data available in
  15 the primary buffer, when said data changes, and mechanisms for setting the
  16 contents of the PRIMARY buffer.
  18                               --- The Protocol ---
  19 primary_selection_manager:
  21   Handles notifying clients when they're allowed to read the contents of the
  22   primary buffer, along with handling setting the contents of the primary
  23   buffer.
  25   Requests:
  26     set_contents:
  27       Sets the current contents of the primary selection buffer. This request
  28       should only be valid when the client's surface currently has focus.
  29     Arguments:
  30       data:
  31         The wl_data_source containing the data to hold in the primary selection.
  33   Events:
  34     contents_changed:
  35       Means another client has set the contents of the primary selection. This
  36       means whatever we've set in the primary buffer has been replaced.
  38     contents_available:
  39       Sent when the client has permission to read from the primary selection if
  40       it chooses. This event is sent before any other events that may have
  41       triggered it. For example; if a middle click triggers primary selection
  42       pasting this event would be sent first, followed by the middle click
  43       event.
  44     Arguments:
  45       contents:
  46         A wl_data_offer containing the contents of the primary selection

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