This Week in GNOME


Communicate to the GNOME and Free and Open Source community on GNOME happenings through a number of possibilities. This will also help publications like LWN pick up GNOME happenings easily on a week to week basis.

* Bugzilla metrics recording patches by new contributors or who have submitted more than 2-3 valid bugs. * Release and Engagement team calendar events * Progressive on other initiatives * Recognition of GNOME Foundation members birthdays(?) (opt-in)

Phase 1:

Generate bugzilla metrics through the CI initiative, top ten list published to planet and #newcomers channel.

Phase 2:

Integrate release calendars and engagement social calendar

Phase 3: Figure out how to get progress on on other initiatives. Look at bugzilla for particular interesting threads to highlight.

Figure out legal and other social ramifications of publishing GNOME Foundation birthday - possibly on a monthly basis.

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