Matrix/Riot Feedback

If you are trying Matrix/Riot and have encountered any issues or missing features, please list them here. Please include your name next to each comment.

If you find out the answer to an issue/query, please add it so that others can learn answers to common questions. Likewise, please link to issue reports where possible.


  • Various people have complained about the Riot color schemes; in particular them not providing enough contrast - issue link. -- AllanDay

  • The device used for a connection to Riot is displayed publicly. It might be something that it should be hidden by default, or if it serves some purpose that is needed, maybe a better wording/UI to make clear it's not a privacy issue would be enough - issue link -- CarlosSoriano

  • I guess the bridge doesn't provide admin roles, because the infrastructure is IRC. Can matrix interact with the IRC nickserv/chanserv or so?. - issue link -- CarlosSoriano

    • If an IRC user that has op gives op to a Matrix user, they become Moderator (“power: 50”, a.k.a PL50 in Matrix jargon) on the Matrix side. -- Alexandre Franke

    • A Matrix user can talk to Nickserv ( just like they would on IRC. WARNING: giving your password this way means trusting with your Nickserv password. This needs to be combined with the !nick command with -- Alexandre Franke

  • The main issue I've had is with encryption. It got enabled for a room I was in; afterwards, we were required to validate every device used by every person in the room, which was a lot of devices and was essentially impossible to do. Since it was impossible to turn encryption off, we eventually had to delete the room and its history and create a new one. Exposing the encryption option seems potentially damaging. I also wonder about the encryption model in general - validating every device doesn't seem practical. -all issues and link to the most relevant one -- AllanDay

  • Is it possible to give bridged IRC channels a nicer appearance in Matrix? It would be good to be able to rename them and give them an icon of their own. (For example, renaming #gnome-design to "GNOME Design") -- AllanDay

    • Yes. You need to be Moderator, then you can go to the room settings (gear icon at the top) and simply change the room name. -- Alexandre Franke

    • Done, you need to be OP with the matrix user from the IRC infra fixed issue link -- CarlosSoriano

  • It should be possible to easily see and configure which username will be displayed to users with IRC clients without sending confusing commands to a bot. - issue link -- MichaelCatanzaro

  • Something is wrong with unread messages indicator; it's quite unreliable. Sometimes it disappears before I can click it, or does not appear at all. - issue 1, issue 2 -- MichaelCatanzaro

  • Messages are padded far too much on Riot, only like 7 fit on my screen compared to 50 on any traditional IRC client. - issue link -- TingPing

    • Compact mode has landed in 0.10, you need to enable it in the settings. -- AlexandreFranke

  • The channel name of #_gimpnet_#channel is not obvious. - issue link -- TingPing

  • It changes window.title too often, causing the address bar to flash annoyingly each time that happens when used as a GNOME web app. -- MichaelCatanzaro

    • They deliberately change the title to notify when something important for you happens. Maybe you didn't change the notification settings? (You can either by default or per room) -- CarlosSoriano

  • British English spelling is uncomfortable to Americans. How to change locale? -- MichaelCatanzaro

  • Is it possible to hide join/leave messages? Low traffic channels are crowded with these messages making hard to read the log. It would be nice to have an option on the settings. - issue link -- TomTryfonidis

  • Non registered users on IRC cannot pm other users - issue link -- CarlosSoriano

    • This is done to protect the bridge from the spam. -- CarlosSoriano

  • The IRC bridge for GimpNet doesn't accurately state who is online. For example, for one of my channels I currently see the following: -- AllanDay

    • In Riot: 3 matrix users, 2 IRC online, 7 IRC offline (total: 4 online, 1 idle, 7 offline)
    • In my IRC client: 9 online, 1 idle
  • Join/leave messages take up lots of room and introduce far too much text - screenshot -- AllanDay

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