This is an initiative to explore and experiment with Matrix as an alternative to IRC for instant messaging.

Matrix Features

  • Server-side logging - so you can read what's been said while you were away
  • Web client and apps for Android/iOS
  • Shows who's read what, who's typing
  • Nice presentation of people - you get a profile picture and an human name
  • IRC bridge, so you can join IRC channels from Matrix and still get Matrix features

How to Use

The main way to use Matrix is through the Element client, which is available via the web, for mobile, and as a flatpak. You can also use Revolt, which wraps Element for GNOME and provides desktop integration.

Gnome has its own Matrix client, Fractal.

Matrix provides a bridge to GimpNet, which means that you can join and chat on GNOME's IRC channels from Matrix/Riot. Select GimpNet from the room directory and enter the name of the IRC channel that you want to join from Matrix.

Tips & Tricks

Extra information on how to use Matrix/Element:

  • If you are using the IRC bridge, it is possible to have a different IRC nick from your Matrix user name. Default is your Matrix nick minus the spaces plus [m] (truncated to 16 characters).
    To do this:

    • From Riot, start a chat with

    • Use the !nick command to change your IRC nick. For example: !nick NewNick

  • Being op - Just need to be op with your IRC nick used by Matrix.
  • More contrast, simpler theme/layout - Go to -> search for riot and install the solarized theme -> (plus for removing the favourites/low priority) click the addon -> manage styles -> solarized -> paste .mx_RoomSubList_labelContainer, .mx_SearchBox, .mx_RoomDropTarget {display: none} -> ?? profit


If you are trying Matrix/Riot and have encountered any missing features or issues, please add them to the feedback page.

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