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GNOME Goal: Gettext Migration

gettext has seen quite some enhancements in recent years, after Daiki Ueno started maintaining it. It can now extract (and merge back) strings from diverse file formats, including many of the formats that are important for desktop applications. With gettext 0.19.8, there is really no need anymore to use intltool or GLib’s dated gettext glue (AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT and glib-gettextize).


Normally is as simple as:

  • Remove any reference to GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT / IT_PROG_INTLTOOL from you configure.ac

  • Add this to you configure.ac:

  • Remove any call to glib-gettextize / intltoolize from your autogen.sh (autopoint will be automatically called if you use autoreconf / gnome-autogen)

  • Now run the "gettextize --no-changelog -f" command in you project folder

  • cp /po/Makevars.template po/Makevars, add po/Makevars to your git tree

  • Open po/Makevars and change PO_DEPENDS_ON_POT and DIST_DEPENDS_ON_UPDATE_PO to ""no""

More details in:

Status of this goal

See https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-build-meta/issues/104

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