Every Detail Matters, Round Three

These are the bugs we fixed during the 3.10 cycle.


calendar: lack of ellipsization


Lock Screen

Animate the lock screen notification transitions

Fixed by GiovanniCampagna

Transition from desktop to locked screen looks broken

Fixed by GiovanniCampagna

login: Show a friendly error message

Fixed by MatthiasClasen


"Not Listed?" is misaligned

Fixed by MathieuBridon

Login screens have different layouts

Fixed by YashGirdhar

Inconsistencies in presentation of avatar and user name

Fixed by RayStrode

Fade out also the customizable logo icon on login

Fixed by RayStrode

Move the session menu into a bubble

Fixed by RayStrode and JasperStPierre

Don't show "Not Listed?" until user list is shown

Fixed by RayStrode

Activities Overview

Slide the dash and workspace switcher when entering and exiting the overview

Fixed by TarunJoshi

search provider icon alignment is off vertically

Fixed by TarunJoshi

top padding on app selection frame is too tight

Fixed (see Comments in Bugzilla)

Message Tray and Notifications

Misaligned time stamps in conversation history

Fixed by CarlosSoriano

Notification buttons have too much padding

Fixed by GiovanniCampagna

chat entry not focused on expand

Fixed by JasperStPierre


Low resolution wallpaper on the external monitor while using dual-head



OSDs with both a label and a level bar are misaligned

Fixed by MartaMilakovic

window shadows are too harsh

Fixed by AllanDay

Slider trough should have rounded ends

Fixed by JasperStPierre

Sub-menu triangles pivot from one corner

Fixed by TarunJoshi

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