General comments about the development infrastructure initiative can be left here. Please leave your name when commenting. Some comments might be moved to other pages or incorporated into the wiki, as appropriate.

  • GitLab Pages daemon using might be a good web-frontend for appdata backed flathub. — JohnMcHugh

  • Pagure is another interesting project in this space — MattiasBengtsson

  • gitea looks like a less resource hungry alternative to GitLab which might also be considered? — JohnMcHugh

  • One of my duties at my current work is maintaining our internal GitLab server. I don't have super-deep knowledge, but ping me if there's anything I can be of help with. — MattiasBengtsson

  • Some GNOME advisory board members have already migrated their internal tools to Phabricator, so it could be worth for the Foundation's board to ask them if they are willing to donate some time to assist in the migration to Phabricator. This would also apply to GitLab. — EmmanueleBassi

  • Tried reaching out to gitea guys over on gitea matrix channel, pointed them to this wiki. Is the wiki the correct point of reference that we should be directing outside projects to when doing outreach? — JohnMcHugh

  • We tried migrating libnice to and it was a bit of a disaster as the "drive-by" contribution process is horrible with Phabricator, requiring to either download a tool or copy-paste patches into a webpage. Upstream Phabricator is also very hostile to the github style of reviews (where you can review small patches, not everything squashed into one SVN style). Even Bugzilla with Splinter is nicer for new contributors.. So let's go with GitLab. That said, all of Collabora's Phabricator tools are already public. — OlivieCrete

  • There's no pointers from Bugzilla to gitlab. I spent a couple of minutes looking for nautilus before remembering that it had migrated to gitlab. Ideally, the nautilus link would still be present in the products list and redirect to a gitlab page when clicked. — BastienNocera

  • The gitlab login page doesn't explain where to get the GNOME LDAP password. The login method should probably be changed to something like "GNOME Account", and point to explanations on how to get that password. There should also probably be a way to know what the effects of using Google or GitHub credentials have on the account. Would accounts be migrated when the user becomes a committer? What about username clashes with existing or future GNOME accounts holders? — BastienNocera

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