Bug Squash Month | November 2017


For a month, we focus on bug triaging to get our bug tracker in a better shape. Maintainers then get a clearer picture of the state of their module, users have a better chance to see their issues resolved, and software quality improves as a consequence.


We are holding several bug squashing parties throughout the month, so hop in and we'll show you the ropes! If you're new to GNOME, this is a great way to get your feet wet, meet fellow community members, and learn how you can start contributing.

Online bug squashing parties

We are gathering in #bugs on IRC (which you can also join via Matrix at #_gimpnet_#bugs:matrix.org) on four occasions this November. Dates are:

  • Saturday 4th
  • Friday 10th
  • Thursday 16th
  • Wednesday 29th

On those days, members of the Bugsquad will be around to mentor you and guide you through the bug triage process.

You are of course welcome to join the channel any other day too.

Promoting Bug Squash Month

Feel free to use the Bug Squash Month graphics to help us announce this initiative! Please post pictures of yourself squashing bugs (be as creative as you'd like), on social media with the hashtags #GNOME #BugSquash.

Local bug squashing parties (BSP)

If you have a group of free software enthusiasts in your area you can organize a BSP with them, or you can join an existing one!

Here is a list of planned local BSP in the world:


(Local) Date and Time


Strasbourg, France

Sunday, Nov 19th

Alexandre Franke

You can have challenges if you want to make your local event more fun. Here are some award sugestions:

  • Most duplicates found
  • Most obsolete found
  • Most confirmed bugs
  • Most bugs with reproducibility steps explained

Outside of parties

You don't necessarily need to stick to those times for your bug hunts. Bugs are wild animals that can be chased at anytime of the day and year.

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