Infrastructure Team

The Infrastructure Team exists to manage the GNOME servers, tools, and utilities for the GNOME Project. We are the people that maintain the servers and create the applications to make GNOME development simpler. We're located all over the globe and communicate primarily by IRC and mailing lists.

More information on the servers and services supported by the team can be found on the Servers page.

We handle all the setting and configuration of new services, migration and development of existing services, and keep an eye on server logs and server status. We track issues using the request tracker queues, GitLab categories related to the GNOME systems and generally look after the day-to-day administration requirements of the GNOME Project.


Please see Contact.

Organizational structure

The team is run by the Infrastructure Team Coordinator. AndreaVeri is currently filling this role in an official capacity. Responsibilities of the coordinator include:

  • Tracking the status of routine infrastructure tasks and make sure that there are sufficient resources on the team to accomplish.
  • Reporting at regular intervals to the GNOME board and foundation membership.
  • Scheduling and publishing downtime and maintenance windows with the GNOME users and developers.
  • Maintaining a roadmap for infrastructure enhancements.
  • Making sure volunteers have the permissions needed to accomplish their tasks.

Responsibilities of team members include:

  • Regularly spending time handling routine tasks
  • Volunteering for infrastructure development projects as needed

Current Members

Policies and decisions

In the unusual event that there is a dispute or refusal to action the request of a community member, and the community member feels the wrong decision was made or action taken, they should contact the Board, who will be able to mediate the request.

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